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More people are using 4SmartPhone every day!

Add new revenue streams without adding operational expenses simply by starting to promote 4SmartPhone on your web or blog properties.

It’s easy and free to join! All you have to do is register for the program and we'll provide you with a selection of banner ads, buttons and links to place on your website. We will track, and you will get credit for every person who creates via your website or blog an account with one or more mailbox with 4SmartPhone!

  1. Signing up IS FREE !!
  2. Once approved, you will receive an affiliate partner code within 48 business hours which will give you access to the secure portion of the partner site where you will find more program information, the banners and instructions;
  3. Get paid every calendar quarter;
  4. Get AUTOMATICALLY enlisted in our Partner BONUS program which will make you eligible to win prizes (such as smartphones and accessories) when you reach certain milestones (250, 500, … mailboxes referred) !!!


BENEFITS for your Valued clients:


  • No deployment, no upfront costs
  • Zero maintenance
  • Efficient communications
  • Better collaboration
  • Anywhere Access
  • No Capital Investment
  • Great flexibility
  • Fully managed Service
  • Freedom of choice (Mac, Linux, Windows, etc)
  • Simple Set up, and/or Migration & Management
(*) This is the total amount paid per new mailbox in four quarterly installments, starting after the mailbox has been created, paid for, and active for 2 months. A new mailbox is defined by a Net addition to the total number of active mailboxes in a customer account.
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